Experience traveling France should you prepare

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Experience traveling France should you prepare

What should France do? eat what? how to go about it Where to visit? What is the right time to travel to France? ... that is the wonder that not many visitors are needing answers when they intend to visit this beautiful country, romantic.
What should France do? eat what? how to go about it Where to visit? What is the right time to travel to France? ... that is the wonder that not many visitors are needing answers when they intend to visit this beautiful country, romantic. And the following French travel experience information will help you to get the most appropriate answers.
Known as one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world, beautiful France always leave in the hearts of every visitor unforgettable impression. Go to the capital of light, you can not go to the Eiffel Tower, walk the Champs-Elysees or visit Notre Dame ... Besides, boldly speak French instead of English, walk discover Paris And note later that will somewhat help to make your French trip more enjoyable.

The appropriate time to travel to France
    Like many European countries, France also has four seasons. However, the terrain is quite diverse, so each region in France will have different climates, seasons and temperatures between the regions are different. This has become a great factor, especially in terms of tourism in France, because visitors to this country at any time of the year, there are many attractions suitable for themselves without being bothered. Too much about weather and climate.
    Autumn and spring are the best time to visit central and eastern France because of the extremely pleasant weather this time. Summer in some areas are very hot and very cold in winter, but in the Alps is ideal for tourists to explore. The southern French region is the best time for tourists to visit. Particularly to the western region of France, visitors can visit at any time of the year, because the weather here is harmonious, in addition to the extremely pleasant time in the spring and fall with natural scenery. The winter in this area is not too cold, sunny but not too hot.
Use of currency in France
    In France it is now using the European common currency: Euro (1 euro = 1.36 USD). You should change the amount of cash needed in Vietnam, change the coin in small denominations and cent coins to buy car tickets, phone cards, drinks.
    You should prepare a balance that exceeds 50% of the total budget that you are going to spend on a French trip, as the price in Paris is very expensive.
Behavior on arrival in France
    Unlike the English, the French rarely take unaccompanied guests at home and only invite guests to the house when they know each other for a long time. When meeting with the French often shaking hands.
    When talking to a non-relatives, older people must use language that shows respect, respect. Do not call the French after 22h.
    When invited to the diner, you should avoid arriving earlier than the time you are invited and should not arrive too late. When eating, the French will wait until everyone is fully served to start eating.
    If you want to smoke you must apply for permission first.

French tourist attractions
Tourism in France is very rich, scattered throughout the region where visitors pass. Traffic in France is very complete, so it makes a great contribution to bring visitors extremely interesting and convenient discovery, most destinations in a country with a variety of terrain.
From the geographical location and the terrain, travelers to France can take advantage of their time to visit all the outstanding tourist attractions or not, depending on many factors of their own. France has seven cultural areas stretching from north to south, each area has its own characteristics, a personal beauty but still has the French charm, seductive and subtle poetic words are difficult to describe. Thus, depending on the wishes of visitors to France, discover what beauty, sure will have the information and advice reasonable, so that visitors take full advantage of their trip without missing any A typical destination is where you are.
Eat in France
    In France, stepping into a restaurant means that the restaurant will serve the guests a truly complete meal in the right meaning of a main dish + or main dish + glaze mouth. If you are not hungry and just want to eat one, you go to the pub and sit at the table without the tablecloth. Because tables covered with table linens mean that it is prepared for a meal. For the French a meal never had sandwiches or salads.
    Most of the restaurants are open: 11h30 - 14h30 and 19h - 22h. In the hours of 4:30 to 19:00 they will close. If you want to have dinner then come after 8h because often the dinner in the French restaurant will start after 8h30.
    When dining at a restaurant, call wine or mineral water, but do not call Coca or Dr Pepper's because this is considered a humiliating chef's way of cooking here.
    Facing the menu of a Parisian restaurant, discuss options with waiters and make a decision. The waiter here will give you advice in English about the dishes you may like and you do not like at the restaurant.
    When you check your bill, if you see a service charge of about 15% of the total bill, you just leave a small amount of money on the table and out of the shop. If the service is not in the bill, you should leave a tip of about 15% of the invoice value on the table before leaving the shop. Since the French have a habit of leaving little money in restaurants, restaurants to express their satisfaction of the staff from 2 to 20 euros.
    Eating with the French is an art that is reflected in the caution in eating and the sophistication of food processing.
Shopping in France: To France, the most famous shopping spot is nowhere else than Paris. In the heart of Paris, busy shopping areas include the Rue de Rivoli, Avenue de Champs Elysees, Haussmann Avenue, etc. These areas are full of fashion boutiques and well-known brands. Yves, Dior, Chanel, Hugo Boss, Zara, ... In addition to garments, cosmetics, perfume and fashion accessories are also featured in the list of shopping items of travelers in France.

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