5 dishes can not be ignored when traveling to Japan

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5 dishes can not be ignored when traveling to Japan

Coming to Japan, travelers can hardly afford to miss good food, from vegetarian food, octopus to chicken bowls with motherly love. Here are 5 dishes that can not be missed while traveling in Japan.
Oyakodon is a simple and easy to eat dish consisting of rice, chicken, eggs, onions and sauces. Like most Japanese food, the quality of raw materials is the soul of the food. Oyakodon can also be understood as the food of motherhood because "oya" means parent, "ko" means baby and "don" - bowl of rice.

A bowl of oyakodon with three layers, chicken, raw eggs and onion overlap, the bottom is hot rice. Eggs are slightly stirred for whites and red blends, not too ripe. In addition, sake, mirin in chicken broth with onion will reduce the smell of fishy eggs.
2. Shojin-ryori

In Japan there was a time when meat was not allowed, with monks, it was strictly forbidden. Perhaps so, shojin-ryori was born, enriching the vegetarian food for centuries. Shojin-ryori ingredients are cereals, beans and vegetables, absolutely no fish or meat. For the best dining experience, head to a temple (or a traditional restaurant in the area around the temple), or simply a cooking class, such as Mariko's in Kamakura. She is the organizer of the class (taught in English) that provides you with a way to make and enjoy dishes of this long history.
3. Takoyaki
Today, many new takoyaki variants appear, but the octopus still does not lose its appeal. This dish is made from onions, sour ginger, tenkasu, seaweed and sliced ​​octopus. Topped with okonomiyaki sauce, but the process of making cookies a bit more.

Inside the cake softens, the outside is ripe and dried to keep the beans cool. This dish is great for sipping with friends. Also, when you do it yourself, you can create your own tastes like sausega-yaki, mochi-yaki or choco-yaki.
4. Japanese sweet sweets

In addition to Chocolate Kit Kats, Japan has a variety of delicious candy, such as wagashi, a traditional candy, just delicious and beautiful. The candy bar food when accompanied by tea is very artistic. It is sweet mochi or dorayaki cake ... Japanese sweets are different in each locality and time.
Very familiar with the Japanese and the specialties made from crumbs, okonomiyaki is a cake of chopped cabbage with mochi (thick sweet bread), bacon, seafood and butter. The ingredients are cooked on a hot pan and then sprinkled with okonomi sauce, kewpie mayonnaise, seaweed and fish.

Okonomiyaki is popular and famous in the Kansai area, especially in Osaka. Tokyo has its own version of this dish but does not eat with chopsticks like in Kansai.

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