What to prepare when traveling the US for the first time?

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What to prepare when traveling the US for the first time?

Choosing a schedule, hunting for a reasonably priced flight and learning the culture thoroughly before you leave will help travelers have a great journey in the flag country.
Located halfway around the world, America is always the dream destination of many Vietnamese people due to the influence of culture, landscape, cuisine. Due to the geographical distance is quite far, the former US travel is far away dream, especially with young people. But nowadays, when all conditions of travel are favorable, more and more visitors at very young age or over 50 can still travel on their own. However, there are a lot of things to prepare if you intend to go to the land of the goddess of liberty.

America is the dream destination of many.

Schedule and time
When it comes to traveling to the US, the first thing you need to do is determine the itinerary and destination according to your personal preference. If you only go less than 10 days, you should choose the East Coast or West Coast of the United States to explore. If the journey lasts more than 10 days, do not hesitate to experience both areas with different cultural and scenic features.
East Coast with destinations such as New York, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia ... prominent in politics, finance (Wall Street), prestigious universities (Harvard, Yale), Broadway musicals or street culture . The West Coast is more attractive to natural geological parks, the sea, the desert, casinos, cinemas with famous places like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Grand Canyon.
Depending on your preference and time, travelers can choose their own schedule on the East Coast, the West Coast or both. If you have more than a month to visit, then you can choose from separate destinations such as Alaska, Miami or the Hawaiian Islands.
Once the time and schedule have been determined, visitors should look for a suitable companion. You can still travel to the US alone but if there are two or three more friends, the trip will be more wonderful. A group of about 4 people will be convenient for renting a room, renting a car, in which at least two people can drive a car (only a Vietnamese driver's license, bilingual).
Air ticket hunting
When traveling abroad to fly to any country, you should hunt for national airline tickets, to have reasonable flight times as well as find attractive promotions.
For the United States, travelers should hunt for American Airlines, which is also the largest airline in the world, to more than 260 locations in 50 different states across the United States. The average flight frequency is 9 flights / day from Ho Chi Minh City and 7 flights / day from Hanoi.
You should not buy multiple tickets for the entire itinerary (international, domestic, private), but you should hunt Multidestination tickets (one ticket for the entire journey with multiple destinations).
For example, if you just go to New York to work and visit and then in the US (possibly Los Angeles) to visit relatives and friends, the Multi-des itinerary will bring benefits such as lower ticket costs total of two international and domestic tickets combined. In addition, passengers are entitled to free baggage allowance (two bales, 32 kg each) for both domestic routes, are allowed to exchange domestic routes according to international ticket conditions.
Another important issue is that when any of the flights are delayed, delayed or canceled, the airline will change the ticket for the rest of the journey. This is the biggest advantage of "where to go to choose the airline of that country."
Normally, during the four summer months, American Airlines airfare to the United States costs an average of $ 377 (excluding taxes) on flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco from Ho Chi Minh City. Multi-des trips (2 or 3 US domestic destinations) cost between $ 700 and $ 900 (tax-free). All of its flights to the United States are based on the latest Boeing 777-300ER, 787 Dreamliner and 777-200, equipped with Wifi aerials, power outlets and noise-canceling headphones.

Choosing the right flight schedule will help you save energy when traveling around the world.

With a convenient departure time of 8h20 (transit in Japan) or 11h55 (transit time in Hong Kong), passengers will only spend one night in the plane and not worry about the time difference in the air. God and physical strength after each flight.
Apply for a visa
The problem is that many tourists are most interested but the reality is not complicated, because American tourist visa is granted very quickly and can be extended twice. If you define travel, choose a B visa (for work / travel) rather than a visit visa or exchange visa as these require complex paperwork and documentation.
Please read the US visa application carefully, then fill out the electronic form DS-160. This form is quite long but needs to be declared and declared true. This is the most important step in applying for a US visa.
Upon filing, you will pay US visa fees at any branch of the Vietnam Post and retain a receipt for filing. The US visa fee is $ 160. After completing the payment, you start to make an appointment for an interview at the Embassy (in Hanoi) or the Consulate (in HCM City).
When interviewing, you will need to print the DS-160 with relevant work, insurance and income documents. It is possible that the Embassy will only be required to submit the correct passport but still need to prepare it all. Usually, within two to three days, a US passport with a US visa will be mailed to your home.
US Visa B Classes for Travelers are often Multiple Visas and valid for one year. After that, you can continue the extension twice (if the visa has expired more than 12 months) without having to interview, just pay by post, re-file your DS 160 and send your passport to Embassy.
Moving in the United States
On the East Coast like New York or Boston, the public transport is quite convenient, but on the west coast is more difficult to move without a car. However, it is easy to rent a car with the easy-to-navigate navigation device, especially if you are renting in a city and parked in another city at the car's representative office.

If you have more than a month to explore the United States, take a roadtrip from the West Coast to the East Coast, admire the colorful scenery across the United States. If there is not much time, you should only move from one city to another by domestic flight.
America has the system of hotels and motels in the world's largest should be able to choose where to come. However, to save money when traveling group, you can search for dorm rooms with 4-6 beds in common or through Airbnb to stay with indigenous people. Americans are very hospitable and friendly so when you are homestay, you will learn more and learn more about their daily culture.

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